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 I. About MADERA


MADERA is a French non-profit organization, working in Afghanistan since 1988, for rehabilitation and development of rural economies destroyed by war. Its programmes build the capacities of rural community development and support local initiatives.


MADERA is active in many fields of rural economy of Afghanistan:


- Community development: support to local development projects;

- National Solidarity Programme (NSP);

- Agricultural production: research and extension, support to producers’ groups, arboriculture, and vegetable growing;

- Livestock: support to veterinary services, vaccinations, animal technical extension work, support to the Animal Vaccines Production Laboratory;

- Handicraft and income generation;

- Forestry: awareness raising, erosion control and reforestation;

- Civil engineering: access to water, irrigation, construction and rehabilitation of infrastructures, roads rehabilitation, schools building.


MADERA implements these activities in 6 provinces: 4 provinces in Eastern Afghanistan (Laghman, Kunar, Nuristan, and Nangarhar) and 2 provinces in Central Afghanistan (Hazarajat region, Wardak province and Bamyan province). The staff is composed of approximately 200 Afghan employees and 6 expatriates.


MADERA, under the leadership of its Board of Directors, wishes to focus its work according to the following priorities: support communities towards autonomy, prioritize participatory approaches and foster the capacity building of Afghan staff.


For more detailed information: www.madera-asso.org


II. About the budget of MADERA


The estimated annual budget for 2016 is around 2.8 million Euros. The main donors are European Union (AIDCO), Afghan government (funds from the World Bank and trust funds), AFD (Agence Française de Développement/French agency), United Nations agencies, and few other associative/private funds. There are around 6 donor contracts on going and several proposals deposed or pending.


III. Job Description


The Administrative and Finance Coordinator is working under the direct supervision of the Country Director and in close collaboration with the Operations Direction, Grant Manager, and the General Delegate based in Paris. Her/his mission is to ensure the daily follow-up of the admin and finance activities.


Main duties:


1 – Follow up of funding:


- Prepares the forecast budgets concerning the projects;

- Reviews and validates all intermediary and final financial reports;

- Supports the drafting of term of references for audits, planning and follow up of these audits.


2 – Budgetary management


- Follows up the global budget monthly: expenses engaged compared to the estimated budget;

- Prepares and follows-up the project budgets;

- Monitors the budgetary allocations.


3 – Follow up of cash flow situation


- Updates the monthly cash flow situation of the headquarter and all the field offices;

- Monitors the cash flow situation daily;

- Monitors the cash flow needs in the field;

- Monitors the transfer of funds between Paris and Kabul and between Kabul and the other field offices.


4 – Monitoring of the procurement and financial process


- Ensures the strict application of the procurement and financial procedures;

- Updates and improves the current procedures.


5 – Management and capacity building of the staff of the accounting and finance department


- Management of the staff (6 in Kabul and 4 in the field);

- Training of the staff;

- Updates the job description of the staff annually;

- Performs the appraisal of the staff annually;

- Supports and trains the head of accounts and the deputy administrative and finance director specifically.


6 – Follow up and establishment of accounting documents in close collaboration with the chartered accountant and external audits


- Prepares, follows up and consolidates the field and headquarter accountancies;

- Prepares and participate to the external auditor missions;

- Provides all necessary documentation to the treasurer and the board (at least for every board meeting);

- Performs the annual closing of MADERA accounts (according to the skills and experience of the candidate, a support mission may be considered).


7 – Support to the human resources (HR) department


- Reviews and validates the preparation of the payroll of the national staff;

- Support and train the HR Officer in case of absence of the Head of HR.


8 – Support to the logistics department


- Supports the Head of Logistics for fixed assets management;

- Supports the Head of Logistics for fuel consumption and maintenance of vehicles.


IV. Qualifications


- Masters degree or equivalent professional experience in the field of accounting and finance;

- Good knowledge of mechanisms of donors (European Union, AFD...);

- Practice of SAGA (financial management software), CIEL (accounting software) and HOMERE (human resources software) a plus;

- Fluent in English (spoken, written and read);

- Minimum 3/4 years of professional experience.


V. Conditions


- Fixed term salaried contract;

- 12 months renewable;

- Remuneration: 2400 € - 2700 € monthly according to experience + distance allowance;

- Rest and Recreation benefits;

- Housing at subsidized cost;

- Contribution to medical insurance and repatriation insurance.




VI. How to apply


Applications, in English, should include a CV and a cover letter.


Applications should be submitted to: Céline WEYMANN recrutement@madera.asso.fr MADERA, 3, rue Roubo, 75011 Paris, France Tel: + 33 (0)1 43 70 50 07


Fax: + 33 (0)1 43 70 60 07 Website: http://www.madera-asso.org