Strategic Plan

Since 2004, MADERA has formalized its efforts in Afghanistan by writing a strategic plan. The first document was prepared for a period of five years (2005-2009) and identified the following general and internal objectives:

General Objectives


  • Promote integrated and participatory local development
  • Promote sustainable economic development
  • Fight against inequality
  • Support Afghan initiatives and structures and promote the transfer of skills

Internal Objectives

  •  Strengthen its capacity for action
  • Improve and develop professional practices of development aid
  • Create mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation
  • Adapt its organization:
    • Develop the organization's human resources.
    • Establish a policy to transfer skills
  • Define an evolutionary perspective of our organization


These objectives are still relevant and are broken down operationally by region, sector, and some cross-cutting activities, in the document "Strategic Plan 2015 - 2017.”The goal is to enable our organization to adapt to the highly fluctuating Afghan context and develop a more relevant and effective action.