Organizational Composition

The members of MADERA are, from the outset, made up of representatives from different European countries, who meet regularly at the headquarters in Paris for different reasons such as the General Assembly (annual), Board of Directors ( 3-4 meetings per year), and the Executive Committee(about 8 meetings).

Discussion and Reflection


During the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Association, undertake a process of reflection and sharing of experiences which is used to identify the main priorities for future action in the field:


  • Support local development, village organizations, and lead communities towards their autonomy.
  • Promote a participatory approach in which community members are involved in defining the actions and in the implementation, as well as an "integrated" approach, taking into account all the needs of the population according to the various aspects of their life (food, health, education, etc...
  • Promote the strengthening of skills among the Afghans in MADERA’s team.


Raising Awareness in Europe


Reflection and information-exchange sessions, as well as collaborative advocacy strategies with the different actors involved in Afghanistan are pursued by developing links with European lobbying networks.

Several interventions and meetings are conducted on the initiative or with the participation of members of MADERA to inform audiences on the situation in Afghanistan. These take places in schools, seminars, and various public places.

Members participate in or facilitate the organization of specific events to raise awareness and support for the Afghan people, in Paris and in other regions of France.



Support Missions to the Field


Members of the Board volunteer to take on field visits which are held each year, to the different areas where MADERA delivers its programs.