The forest in Afghanistan by Jean BRAUD:

A program of protection and development

Tuesday 27 January 2015 at 6 :30pm

Maison des Associations  Place des Orphelins STRASBOURG

Meeting scheduled by the Strasbourg-Afghan Cultural Association

"The coniferous forest in Afghanistan (about 300 000 ha) makes up the Western part of the Himalayan forest. Made up of cedar, pine, and spruce ... the forest is rapidly disappearing, plundered by illegal trafficking of timber. Some villages are resistant to this trafficking because they are informed."

- Jean Braud

Jean BRAUD, well known among the Alsatian private forestry federation has been involved in Afghanistan between 1967 and 1970, working on a development program for wood crafts in eastern Afghanistan. Since 1990, he has continued to work towards setting up a protection and development program for the coniferous forest in Afghanistan, as head of a rural development NGO, MADERA.

MADERA(Mission d’Aide au Développement Rural en Afghanistan) is French NGO working in Afghanistan since 1985 on programs focusing on agriculture development, breeding, arboriculture, forestry and handicrafts. Their approach is participatory and community-based and targets populations and vulnerable regions in eastern and central Afghanistan. This action is also supported by AFRANE (French-Afghan Friendship), an association that works in the field of education and considers that access to education by Afghan youth is an essential key to sustainable reconstruction.