NSP Handover Ceremony, Kunar province

Since 2004, MADERA has been a facilitating partner for the National Solidarity Program (NSP) – the largest development initiative in Afghanistan which is implemented by the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), with support from the World Bank. The NSP aims to empower rural communities through capacity building and awareness raising in general areas (such as on principles of accountability and transparency, conflict resolution, and gender) as well as provide technical training (in project management, accounting, procurement or project monitoring). This is done by building community level governance structures through the establishment of democratically elected and gender-balanced community development committees (CDCs).  These committees then serve as a representative body that coordinates and manages the community’s development needs.  A majority of the community needs (95%) are infrastructure projects that were selected by the community, to benefit the majority of villagers.

Small-scale infrastructure projects implemented by CDCs in Kunar

On the 19th of January, 2015, MADERA held a handover ceremony in Kunar province for 21 CDCs, representing roughly 26,000 people, who have successfully completed development projects in their communities, among which include the construction of shallow wells, canals, pathways, retaining and protection walls, latrines and culverts.

NSP Handover Ceremony for 21 CDCs, Narang district, Kunar


During the ceremony, “linkage” trainings were also conducted, building the capacity of CDCs to establish and maintain contact with other governance and development actors, in order to enhance the sustainability of the CDCs when they no longer receive NSP support, and to ensure that other development needs of the communities not addressed through the NSP block grants could be addressed through these other stakeholders.

The ceremony, held in Narang district, was attended by the district governor, the head of the NSP Project Management Unit (PMU), representatives from MRRD, CDC members and representatives from District Development Assemblies.

MADERA continues to implement NSP in 62 other CDCs in Kunar, as well as in Laghman and Nuristan provinces.