MADERA recently welcomed 4 new expat employees to our team!

Nicholas, Sevinc and Sarowar (Kinga not pictured)
Nicholas, Sevinc and Sarowar (Kinga not pictured)

Nicolas Férigoule joined MADERA in May 2014 as Administrator and Finance Coordinator, heading the Finance Department.  Nicolas is a French Certified Public Accountant who has worked in accounting and auditing firms in France and in the United States before deciding to move to non-profit work in Afghanistan. Nicolas grew up in Marseilles, France and studied economics and business law in Aix-en-Provence. He has a Masters in International Taxation from Dauphine University in Paris.


Golam Sarowaris a Bangladeshi development and humanitarian manager as well as technical expert with postgraduate agriculture and Ph.D. (Climate Smart Agriculture) qualifications. He is dedicated to contributing effectively to alleviating poverty, hunger and suffering among the extremely poor, disadvantaged and marginalized. He believes in teamwork, and developing trust and respect among local and expatriate colleagues and communities. He also loves to travel and to see the world with colors and let life go as a sailor without a helm.   After working with different International NGOs and Donor organizations for over two decades, both in country and abroad, Sarowar started working with MADERA in June as Project Manager for the Central Highlands Rural Development Programme.


Sevinc Demirci is an agricultural engineer from Turkey.  She has a PhD in Agricultural Economics from Ankara University, and has conducted post-doctorate research with the National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD) in India. Sevinc joined MADERA in August 2014 as Program Manager for the Animal Health and Animal Husbandry Program, funded by the European Commission. She has experience working in Afghanistan since 2009.


Kinga, who also joined MADERA in August 2014, is the new Head of Monitoring and Evaluation Department.  Kinga is a world-citizen of European origin. She is well-traveled, over-educated and has fallen in love with a few places on a few continents. One of them is Afghanistan. She has managed to visit a few provinces in Afghanistan so far and hopes to visit more.