MADERA Moves Into a New Office

In October 2015, a powerful earthquake (7.5 magnitude) struck Afghanistan. The earthquake happened during a workday and all of MADERA’s staff gathered outside the buildings for security reasons. Once the tremors over, the Logistics department assessed the damages. One of the buildings, where the M&E and Admin and Finance departments have their offices was badly damaged. The senior management explored several solutions but it was finally decided the safest option was to move out.


After visiting several weeks of visits, the Logistics department, through a property dealer, found a house matching the different criteria to become MADERA’s new office. After the approval was given by MADERA’s board in Paris, MADERA signed an agreement with the land owner.


On December 17, 2015, all of MADERA’s staff worked hard on emptying all the buildings and loading the cars. From 8am to 11pm, the MADERA’s cars carried all the furniture to the new office.


It then took a week to fully arrange the furniture and complete the finishing work (carpets, plumbing, security improvement, etc.)


The benefits resulting from moving out are considerable. The move gave MADERA the occasion of strongly improving the security (higher walls, safe room, barbed wire, anti-blast, reinforced gates, etc.). Besides it enables us to rearrange the departments in a more logical manner (Director of Operations and Projects’ team are now closer to each other; Admin and Finance, Logistics and Human Resources department are on the same floor, etc.). In addition, the new office has rooms on the top floor that can be made available for field staff visiting Kabul office.


Overall, all offices are now in the same building (whereas we previously had several building within one compound) thus facilitating cooperation and team work.


Feroz, Head of Logistics, in charge of supervising the move:


“I’m really happy how everything turned out. We only had a very short time to move (only one day to shift everything from the old office to the new one) and still we manage to do it very professionally, without damaging MADERA’s assets and equipment. Finding a suitable office was not easy as it had to be in the same area as the former one, safe enough, we nice neighbours, and of course not too expensive. After visiting over 15 houses we finally found a suitable building in street 6. Working in the new office was a bit tough at first because the building had not been heated for months and we were in the middle of December. Now everything is fine.”