Project Animal Health


June, 29  2015

During his last mission to Afghanistan, Vincent CREPIN (board member of MADERA) met with herders and farmers from village communities. Under the project « Animal Health » implemented by MADERA, those breeders meet twice a month at the « Farmer Field School » (FFS) located at Hamisha Bahar, next to Mehterlam (province of Laghman). On these occasions they share their primary concerns and together try to define solutions on how to address them.


He arrived the day when breeders finalized treatments for bloat control (gas accumulation in the cow's left flank accompanied by severe abdominal pain). This potentially fatal disease can happen when the cow grazes too much grass.

Practical demonstration of one of the possible treatments in serious cases when the animal’s life is at risk: it is necessary to drill the cow’s left flank with a sharp knife so as to release gases which may have accumulated in the digestive tract.