Since 1989, MADERA has been supporting the establishment of nurseries, many of whom are members of Nursery Growers Associations (NGAs). These NGAs ensure the sale of certified fruit tree saplings, which meet specific standards (such as being free of disease). These saplings will grow into quality fruit-bearing trees, the products of which can be sold at higher prices, thereby increasing the incomes of farmers, and enabling the expansion of an already rapidly growing orchard industry. This activity is supported by the Perennial Horticulture Development Program (PHDP), an initiative of the European Commission.



Najibullah Safi is the owner of the Kunar Bahar Nursery Farm which was established in 2006 and is located in the Asadabad district of Kunar Province, in the eastern region of Afghanistan. At first, his farm was producing local saplings on 1500 m2 of land, and had an annual income of about 120,000 AFA. In 2008, he became a member of the newly established Kunar and Nuristan Nursery NGA (KNNGA), supported by MADERA/PHDP. By then his business had expanded to 2000 m2, and he was advised by MADERA/PHDP to produce and sell certified and high quality saplings. This was possible as MADERA/PHDP provided the KNNGA with stone fruit and citrus saplings from their Mother Stock Nurseries. MADERA also provided NGA members with technical and capacity building trainings to improve both product quality and business management.


Today Najibullah Safi has 12000 m2  (6 jerib) of land, on which he produces certified citrus saplings (sweet orange, lemon, mandarin, tangelo etc.) and stone fruit (apricot, plum, peach and almond). He has also started producing different non-fruit and ornamental flowers and plants as well. In 2013, he sold around 300,000 AFA worth of products which will fulfil all the needs and requirements of his family. According to Najibullah, “I am really satisfied of my business so at the end I thank from the bottom of my heart from MADERA/PHDP team that they really supported and motivated me.”


Pictured below is the owner of a demonstration potato cellar constrcuted by MADERA in Surk Abad, in the district of Behsud II, Wardak Province.  The photograph was taken by Oriane Zerah.


Oriane Zérah has been working as a photographer for various NGOs and institutions in Kabul since 2012.

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