The Teams

In Afghanistan

Under the direction of an expatriate Country Director, and assisted by an Operations Director and an Administrative  and Financial Director, the management team includes Afghan managers (Provincial Coordinators, Department managers, agronomists, veterinarians, social workers), and 4-5 expatriates (project managers, technical advisors, coordinators...).


A Monitoring and Evaluation department, directly linked to the Country Director, brings support to analyze the impact of the programs, to conduct feasibility study for new projects, and to capitalise MADERA’s experiences.

The goal is to gradually transfer responsibilities to MADERA’s Afghan team. In total, MADERA field teams in Afghanistan make up around 250 people.

At HQ, in France


 The HQ (office in Paris), is made up of aGeneral Delegate. Sometimes an intern joins this team. The General Delegate ensures MADERA’s relationships with French and European public institutions, donors, and other French and European organizations of International solidarity. The office in Paris is the link between the team in the field and the Board of Directors, guides the organization to different meetings in France, as well as informing members of the board and the public.


Representatives and leaders of Madera meet several times a year for different purposes (General Assembly, Board of Directors and the Executive Office). They define the main areas of intervention, raise awareness in Europe on the situation in Afghanistan and finally perform technical, strategic and operational support to the field mission.

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