MADERA's activities are

implemented exclusively in



The organization’s annual budget of around 3 million Euros is exclusively dedicated to the implementation of rural development actions to rebuild the food production capacity, improve the quality of agricultural and horticultural products and increase the incomes of the people living in Afghanistan.


MADERA promotes an integrated and participatory approach to development in designing programs with the support of the people to take into account the diversity of their needs.

MADERA also responds to emergency needs as they occur through the distribution of food and agricultural inputs to vulnerable families, and the creation of temporary employment opportunities.

These short-term and palliative humanitarian

interventions are

insufficient, and should be used to initiate development activities.


MADERA is therefore committed to implementing programs that are endorsed by the people concerned, as part of a long-term dynamic. These actions are factors of healing and remain the fundamental lever to promote national cohesion and peace.

MADERA will continue to lobby policy makers and institutions for the need to continue the reconstruction and economic development efforts undertaken by the international community for more than a decade.