Lobbying for Afghanistan

To better defend and protect the interests of the Afghan people with whom MADERA works, the association is active within several collectives, made up of NGOs working in Afghanistan, as well as lobbying actions aimed at policy makers and key institutions.



At the national level in France, MADERA is an active member of COFA (Group of French NGOs working in Afghanistan).

The network brings together humanitarian organizations working in different sectors: education, agriculture, justice support, access to drinking water, health, food security, and economic development.

COFA strives to challenge and meet on a regular basis the French political and institutional decision-makers regarding the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.




At the European level, MADERA is a member of the steering committee of ENNA (European Network of NGOs working in Afghanistan).

This group, based in Brussels, conducts and supports advocacy efforts to strengthen and improve humanitarian assistance,

reconstruction and development in Afghanistan. Meetings with policy makers and public events (conferences, seminars) are regularly held regularly in different European cities.



In Afghanistan, MADERA is a member of ACBAR (Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief), coordinating Afghan and international NGOs, and composed of one hundred members who relay messages to decision makers.


Recently ACBAR has published a series of policy documents focusing on aid effectiveness, governance, service delivery and women’s rights, ahead of the London Conference which was held in December 2014.  The summary of these documents is below:

Transforming Development Beyond Transition in Afghanistan (2014)
Document Adobe Acrobat 1.3 MB

For the full documents please follow this link:



ACBAR also launched a DO NOT FORGET AFGHANISTAN Campaign in November 2014. More details are found here: http://www.madera-asso.org/english/archives/don-t-forget-afghanistan/