Our Actions in Ghor Province

(districts of Taywarah et Passaband)

Finished in 2013

Presentation of the Region

Ghor is a very isolated (two days travel by car from the city of Herat), arid, and high-altitude province (between 2200 and 3900 meters). It is regularly affected by recurrent droughts causing agricultural losses and long lean periods.

It is not accessible during the winter months from December to March, and there are few other development/aid actors working in the area.

Past Programs


MADERA started working in Ghor in 2001, in two southern districts of the province, with activities focused on rural rehabilitation and food security, as well as emergency distribution.

MADERA also led community development activities through the NSP program ("National Solidarity Program"). This program aims to organize village communities by electing Community Development Committees (CDC), responsible for defining, developing, and implementing priority programs, supported by the Afghan Ministry of Rehabilitation and Rural Development and the World Bank.

All of MADERA's activities in Ghor were completed at the end of 2013.