MADERA is an international organization, active in AFGHANISTAN since 1988, promoting rural development and support to village communities.

MADERA's actions are directed towards capacity building and initiatives which enable local communities to lead and manage the development of their territory. 


MADERA promotes, in collaboration with other partners, a participatory and community approach to development, developing with the population, "integrated" programs which aim to take into consideration the diversity of their needs.


These programs include the following elements:


  • Community development: support to local development projects;
  • Natural resource management: rangeland rehabilitation, forestry
  • Agricultural production: research and extension, support to producers’ groups, arboriculture
  • Livestock: support to veterinary services, vaccinations, animal husbandry;
  • Income generating activities;
  • Civil engineering: access to water, irrigation, construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure.

MADERA is a neutral organization and provides assistance to people regardless of gender, religion or ethnicity.


 MADERA in Numbers:

- 250  employees in the field and 4-5 expatriates.


- A budget of around

   3,000,000 €


-A Board of 16 members.


MADERA intervenes in 2 geographic zones, covering 6 provinces:

- Eastern Region: Kunar, Laghman, Nangarhar, Nuristan

-Central Region: Wardak  and Bamyan

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